Europese Geschiedenis
De zilveren eeuw van Antwerpen
Na de gouden jaren van Antwerpen volgt de moeilijke zilveren eeuw.
€ 24,99
Emergence of a Personal History
This book introduces new methods of research for studying the Alexiad, aiming primarily at analysing Anna Komnene’s literary expression.
€ 105,00
Narratives and Myth in Tenth-Century Germany
This study showcases the longevity of Ottonian myths and the ideological expressions of the tenth century storytellers.
€ 105,00
History, Landscape and Cultural Heritage of the Wadden Sea Region
€ 105,00
Biblia depicta as Devotional, Mnemonic and Study Tool
The essays in this monograph appraoch The Velislav Bible, one of the most beautiful medieval Bohemian manuscripts, in an interdisciplinary manner to show that it was used as a didactic tool in...
€ 129,00
Degree Zero
This collection of essays surveys the richness of creation and creativity in order to draw out debates, sometimes implicit and sometimes formally stated, about the production and reproduction of...
€ 95,00
A Cultural History - 3rd Revised Edition
Een overzichtelijke en toegankelijk geschreven geschiedenis van een opnieuw aan belang winnende ideologie.
€ 39,95
This book analyses the manuscripts of the Cîteaux, copied and illustrated during a period of intense reform at the monastery, that demonstrate the interdependence between art, liturgy, and reform.
€ 95,00
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