Europese Geschiedenis
Prints, Pamphlets, and Politics in the Dutch Golden Age
€ 99,00
A Cultural History - 3rd Revised Edition
Een overzichtelijke en toegankelijk geschreven geschiedenis van een opnieuw aan belang winnende ideologie.
€ 39,95
Historical Reflections on the Process of Community Formation
This book examines actual processes of experiencing the imagined community, exploring its emotive force in a number of case studies.
€ 95,00
A Philosophy of History
This book addresses a wide range of philosophical problems about history and the semantics of time.
€ 85,00
This study uncovers the active role played by women in the evolution of religious art and architecture. Their preferred art, Barbara J. Harris shows, reveals their responses to the religious...
€ 85,00
In glasheldere bewoordingen fileert Kitty Zijlmans de vooringenomenheden die in de wortels van deskundige beschouwingen over ŸonzeŒ kunstgeschiedenis liggen opgeslagen. Daarom breekt ze een lans...
€ 9,99
Austmarr as a Northern mare nostrum, ca. 500-1500 CE
This anthology provides an in-depth introduction to the networks shaped by the Baltic Sea, the languages, folklore, religions, literature, technology, and identities of the Germanic, Finnic, Sámi,...
€ 85,00
An Archaeological Perspective
The first work to address the end of Roman Hispania and the emergence of Medieval Spain from a principally archaeological perspective
€ 119,00
The Guardian of Orthodoxy
€ 95,00
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